4 Pack Spiky Massage Ball

Relieve sore muscles and relax. Spiky massage balls work well in targeting and digging deep into your muscles to relieve tension. In addition, they help in targeting small surface areas on your body that may hold the most tension to provide quick relief.
  • TWO LEVELS: Our bundle includes two soft and two hard massage balls. Our soft massage balls are perfect for new users to feel deep tissue massage's effects. The hard massage balls provide total relief and should only be used once your body adapts.
  • CLEAN MATERIALS: Your health is important to us. The soft massage balls are made from allergen-free rubber and are easy to clean, helping to prevent any odors and residue from forming. The hard massage balls come in durable plastic for the most intense massage sessions.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: If you need some relief while at the office, traveling, or at the gym after a hard workout, the massage balls are compact enough to store inside your bag for easy access and mobility. It's important for you to stay out of pain and tension wherever you go and whenever you want.

Female masseuse giving a patient a massage with a spiky massage ball  Female giving herself a massage with a spiky massage ball

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