BEST SELLING SUNGLASSES AND SWIM GOGGLE CASE ON AMAZON! Cabana Sports Hardcover Protective Swim Goggle and Sunglasses Carrying Case.

  • HARDCOVER OUTER SHELL: The Protective case is constructed with hard materials to ensure that the case will not collapse and ruin your items. The Metallic Design offers a clean, sleek look makes the goggle case look modern, and adds to the appearance of the case to look sturdy and durable.
  • STRONG, INTERLOCKING ZIPPER: The most durable zipper for a goggle case. Strong, interlocking teeth ensures your items are safe, protected, and won’t fall out of the case and get lost.
  • DRAINAGE HOLES, A MUST. Drainage holes are located at the bottom of the case, ensuring you that your items stay as dry as possible.
  • SOFT INTERIOR LINING: Soft materials make up the inside of the case, making sure your goggle and eye glass lenses are never scratch.
  • MULTI-VERSATILE CASE: Use the case for more than swim goggles and sunglasses. Use it for swim accessories, phone and cable chargers, money, a pen and pencil box, stationery supplies, make-up, beauty accessories, tools, and many more. Works well when traveling with loose items. Just insert your desired items into your case, and go.

Fitting Guide

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