disappointed by walk of fame... do this instead

September 07, 2018

Did you get tricked by going to the Hollywood walk of fame? 

We know that a ton of people on trip advisor has said that they were extremely disappointed with the Hollywood walk of fame. With things like Lots of homeless people, scam artist, and drug addict superheroes, It kinda leaves a bad taste of what Los Angeles really has to offer as far as the history goes.  

If you must see the stars 

Take the WB studios tour found here, sometimes you can see a live production but if you are a huge fan of Batman or Superman they have a thing called DC Universe: the exhibit. Also, they have Harry Potter & Fantastic Beasts  Tickets start at $65, however, you can always get a free ticket to The Ellen Degeneres show here but remember it can be extremely hard to get a ticket.

Honestly, I rather get tickets to the Universal city from anywhere from $65 to $99 https://www.universalstudioshollywood.com/ mostly just stay away from the drug-infested Hollywood walk of fame. 


Next time we will talk about other things in LA.