Energi Arm Wallet

To all the nighttime athletes, meet your new workout companion! The Energi Armband is the most unique armband on the market, with 4 LED lights powered by your movement. The lights and the reflective trim around the frame will make you more visible at night and provide extra safety. You won't find an armband like this anywhere else!
  • NO BATTERIES REQUIRED: You are the power source! The Energi Armband is powered by kinetic energy or your movement. Simply take part in your regular walk or run, and the armband will light the way—no need to worry about using bulky batteries during your workout.
  • SWIPE SCREEN TECHNOLOGY: The protective screen blocks your phone from any scratches or outside dirt that can ruin your phone. It also lets you use your phone without taking it out of the pack. Simply swipe and go.
  • GRIPTECH: Our Griptech technology is made from soft neoprene to provide a comfortable workout experience. It also helps keep the armband in place and prevents slipping during extreme exercises and sweating.

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