Rule the waters with the Raptor Swimming Goggles. The skeletal-like frame offers flexibility to fit all types of faces comfortably. Use at the pool for open-water swimming or other aquatic activities. These are the perfect goggles for all swim enthusiasts. Choose from three different variations of colors that best suit your preference.
  • UV PROTECTION: The Raptor swimming goggles provide UV Protection while in the water. UV Protection helps shield your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun for a more clear view during aquatic activities.
  • ANTI-FOG: Instead of a film like other swim companies, Cabana Sports integrates the anti-fog into the goggles' lenses during the manufacturing process.
  • BEST SWIM GOGGLES: The Raptor Swim Goggles are the best swimming goggles for all underwater experiences. Explore the water with comfort and clarity, or your money back.

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