Walking Weights (2 Pack)

Elevate your daily stroll with our Walking Hand Weights! Enhance your fitness routine effortlessly while enjoying your outdoor walks. Experience the benefits of resistance training on the go and make every step count. It's time to level up your walk—grab a pair today!

  • 4 LB SET: Our Walking Hand Weights are thoughtfully designed to provide you with a balanced workout experience. With each weight weighing 2 pounds, you have a total of 4 pounds to elevate your walking routine. Achieve your fitness goals with ease as you step up your game.
  • COMFORTABLE GRIP: Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to ergonomic bliss. These weights are crafted with your comfort in mind, featuring an ergonomic design and soft neoprene material. Enjoy a snug and secure grip that feels natural in your hands, allowing for longer, more comfortable workouts.
  • WIDE APPLICATION: These hand weights are versatile companions that can be incorporated into a variety of exercises. From strength training to toning workouts, these weights add a layer of resistance that helps you maximize exercises. Get ready to level up your fitness routine with endless possibilities. 

Close up of a walking hand weight in a female's hand  Female athlete holding a walking hand weight

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