Walking Weights (2 Pack)

Are you looking to add a challenge and train your strength during cardio? Look no further with the 2 LB Walking Weights set from Cabana Sports. Walking weights are a great addition to cardiovascular activities by providing resistance strength training to your cardio, such as walking or jogging - also great for physical therapy.
  • 4 LB SET: The walking weight set comes with two weights of 2 lbs each—4 lbs added to your workouts for an extra challenge.
  • COMFORTABLE GRIP: The ergonomic design and soft neoprene provide a comfortable, secure grip allowing you to focus more on your exercise than the equipment.
  • WIDE APPLICATION: From walking, running, jogging, dumbbell exercises, aerobic exercises, and more, the weights are perfect for toning muscles in your arms and wrists.
  • Female athlete walking at the beach with a walking weight in her hand  Female athlete holding a pink walking weight

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