Waterproof Bodypack

The Waterproof Bodypack is constructed from high-quality materials to protect your phone from water and other hazards. Its multi-layered protection guarantees your phone will stay protected from water damage, allowing you to enjoy aquatic activities knowing it is safe and secure. It is the perfect accessory for your next vacation when you want to spend time in the pool or ocean or for other outdoor activities.
  • WATERPROOF: Multiple velcro and airtight layers protect your phone when submerged in water. Test with a paper towel before inserting your phone into the pack.
  • SWIPE SCREEN TECH: The protective screen blocks your phone from any scratches or outside dirt that can ruin your phone. It also lets you use your phone without taking it out of the pack. Swipe and go.
  • REFLECTIVE: We incorporated the thickest reflective borders to provide the best reflection in low-light conditions for your safety. It also helps you find the pack if lost underwater.

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