Waterproof Phone Pouch

Safely protect your phone and capture your best moments underwater with the Waterproof phone pouch. Jump in the water and enjoy your favorite aquatic activities confidently, knowing your phone will always stay dry.
  • TRIPLE LAYER PROTECTION: The phone pouch has three super secure safety closures ensuring no water enters. Close up the pouch with the two zip closures and one fold-over flap for extra security.
  • SWIPE SCREEN TECHNOLOGY: The protective screen allows you to use your phone without taking it out of the pack, making it fully accessible. Simply swipe and go.
  • ARMBAND STRAP: You can wear the phone pouch around your neck with the included neck strap or around your arm with the included arm strap to wear as an armband.
Waterproof phone pouch underwater with a kid swimming behind it  Woman lying down on a beach with a blue waterproof phone pouch around her arm

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